Tips For Adding A Bar to Your Kitchen

Bars are a very popular project among home remodels around the world. Adding a bar to your kitchen creates a fun and accessible social space to hang out in. Putting a bar into your kitchen usually requires either taking out a wall or adding extra counter space and seating to the room. Here are some tips to make your new bar a dynamic and fun place to hang out.

Make a splash.

Visually, you’ll need to do something to separate the bar area from the rest of your kitchen. Why not use this as an opportunity to do something bold? For example, you can use darker or punchier colors for the cabinets and chairs in your bar area, or use a unique lighting source to give it a romantic ambiance.

Use efficient yet comfortable seating.

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face when adding a bar area to your house is the placement of your stools or chairs. If you aren’t careful, they can take over the entire kitchen, so it’s important to have a good place to store them. The bar should have a large enough overhang for you to tuck the chairs underneath it, or if you want to reduce clutter even further, you can opt for stools that are attached to the wall or the bar.

Add visually appealing storage.

If you’ve spent money on expensive drinks and cocktail ingredients, you should show these items off with good home remodeling and design st louis! Make sure your bar has plenty of storage space that allows you to display your favorite kitchen items. Taking advantage of the vertical space above you is the easiest way to get the most storage space possible. You may also want to install fridge storage for cold drinks and other ingredients.

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